Rail Traction Company Spa

Rail Traction Company SpA (RTC) is a private railway company founded in February 2000 in order to exploit the opportunities arising from the liberalization of the rail transport market in Italy and Europe.

Rail Traction Company was the first private company to provide a freight service along the Brenner axis.

RTC guarantees rail transport services to logistics and freight operators who organise complete trains both in the sector of intermodal freight transport (containers, swap bodies, semi-trailers) and conventional transport. Bolzano and Verona are the crucial nodes of national and international rail traffic and they are the home respectively of the registered office and the operative headquarters of the company.








The sixth season of cereals began in a very promising way.

Since six years RTC is present in this sector...



The team of RTC is growing up!

Seven young people have successfully completed their education within the framework of the regional


New traffic automotive from Ars Altmann

New customer on the Brenner axis - Lokomotion and RTC are pleased about having received the official



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